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Staking perennials and other tall plants

#Perennials in borders often put on strong lush growth that makes them vulnerable to collapse, especially after heavy rain or strong winds – which we’ve been having here in the UK over the last few days!

From newly planted trees to sweet peas and flopping perennials, #garden and #gardening blogs and websites have plenty of advice on this … The RHS has a good post here on staking and support:

@The_RHS @rhshome advise staking them early in the season to help avoid disaster.

It’s not spring though!

In particular; tall plants and hybrids with large flowers are in full flower now, and the RHS advise on preventing damaging plants while providing support is detailed … even down to when to use 3-ply / 5-ply twine!

@SavvyGardening wrote an article on making a plan to support peonies – even with hoops I miss a fair few, which flop over every year! And why does it rain heavily the day they decide to bloom?

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