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Helleborus – the Christmas Rose drawing for a border backdrop

A worm’s eye view of the garden … Drawing some backdrops for the cartoon strips – Helleborus today!

Currently #drawing some Wrigglers #cartoons. Here’s a backdrop plant for one of the #cartoon strips – I’m going to change the colour of the flowers, too. building the final comp from a few drawn leaves and flowers!

The worm’s Helleborus is growing at the back of some borders – waiting to add some winter interest once the annuals die back. The worms started doing some research on Heleborus and will be drawing some more strips later in the year … here are the links to some top #gardentips for July

In short, Hellebores are great for providing winter interest in any garden. they like these perennial plants because they have a long flowering period, lasting well into spring. Mainly evergreen with handsome leaves, they thrive in shadier parts of the garden. With the slugs.

Growing Advice

Gardener’s World on Helleborus:

the RHS advice on growing the ‘Christmas Rose’:










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