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Nettles – drawing for a border backdrop about weeds …

A worm’s eye view of the garden … Drawing some backdrops for the cartoon strips – Nettles today!

Currently #drawing some Wrigglers #cartoons. Here’s a backdrop nettle composition for one of the #cartoon strips – building from the first sketch outline to the final comp from a few drawn leaves!

… here are the links to some top #gardentips for July – keeping on top of your weeds

Control of pernicious weeds such as nettles is challenging, but possible.

Gardener’s World on dealing with nettles:

the RHS advice on nettles:

if you have the space to leave some, they can be an excellent source of food and habitat for butterflies such as the red admiral, peacock and small tortoiseshell.

Organic gardening advice on nettles:

Control is by removing the rootstocks as thoroughly as possible when nettle patches are small. The collected material should be burnt.










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