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End of Episode 2, is it the end of Simon Fry?

Page 12 and end of chapter 2 of the #graphicnovel ‘The Codfather’ – Is it the end of Simon Fry??

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The final page in episode 2 of ‘The Codfather’

The team are in terrible danger. It turns out that the secret meeting was not so secret …

Watch this short 1 minute film as it gently animates through the page.

This is a fun way for young readers to watch the plot unfold. There’s hidden detail in the artwork – detail that helps you to read and decipher the story visually.

More pages at

Missed the start of the plot? Watch pages 1-5 here:

Decipher the image and narrative

Perfect for 6-11 year old readers – read the story and decipher the image and narrative together. In the scene, Violet talks through Simon Fry’s gadgets for this stage of the mission …

The story starts to warm up

The top secret meeting at the leaning tower of Pisa is not so secret … an epic ending to episode 2 and a new clue to follow in the mystery for Simon Fry super small spy.

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