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Garden planter project

The Wrigglers – making a planter project

I’ve been growing more herbs this summer, and need to extend …

There’s a space directly under our windowsill, currently nothing there, except a tap and hoze reel.

Researching what you can buy, along with some herb boxes online – so, I drew this. Next I’m going to build it …

Daigram of the planter I am going to make for growing herbs

The Wrigglers #gardening #cartoon is all about what you can do in the garden right now. Herb wise, I’m looking to fill these troughs with the herbs I use in the kitchen, makes sense!

So, coriander, basil, thyme, bay, fennel, cumin, oregano, (I have a rosemary bush in a bigger pot), mint, tarrgon …

I think this will bring on some #cartoons, in the ‘making of’ …

Herbs and how to grow them, advice from:

Gardener’s World – how to grow herbs

Jekka McVicar – a herb expert

The Jekkapedia – everything, on every herb, the worms need to know …









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