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Not all crops dig manure. The third rule of crop rotation …

Crop rotation helps deal with the build up of pests and diseases to specific crops. Then there’s soil. That opens a completely different can of worms ….

A quick glance at the top few principles of Crop Rotation

  • If you can, keep plants of the same family together
  • Time wise, Keep as big as gap as possible between potatoes occupying the same piece of ground. The same goes for brassicas …
  • Keep lime away from potatoes because it increases the chances of them getting scab. Bear in mind that brassicas like a lime soil
  • Root crops will fork and split in soil that has been manured the previous autumn. Split the plot so you only manure for potatoes in this group

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Crop Rotation – The Three Year Crop Rotation Plan

The three year plan or ‘Dig for Victory’ plan is a part of the standard cropping plan – designed to provide a family with vegetables from a standard allotment plot.

Some advice on the 3 year crop rotation plan, from the pros

Gardeners World

Gardener’s World – how to start a veg plot with @themontydon @GWmagazine

Learn why the position of the sun, width of your wheelbarrow and crop rotation are important factors when designing a new vegetable plot

Allotment and Gardens

A 3-year Allotment plan

Starting a new plot

For a worm’s eye guide to pruning

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