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A tree’s bark is louder in the winter

The worms have spent some time thinking about planting a small tree in their garden this week …

The worms have spent some time thinking about planting a small tree in their garden. Their final consideration, when choosing a small tree, is what the bark looks like. After all, they might have to look at it for a long time without any leaves …

a cartoon about planting small trees in the garden and how bark colour can be an influence to setting the mood in the garden too

There are loads of trees available for us gardeners with smaller gardens. We’ve found that with evergreen and deciduous varieties coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it is important that what we do our home work and choose the right tree for us. This week the wrigglers have written six silly cartoons to help decide … and we’ve linked some more info below, from the experts.

That’s enough from the worms, here’s some tip-top advise from the experts

RHS talk about trees for smaller gardens

20 trees for small gardens – from gardener’s World

Great direction, packed full of links and further reading

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Year-round garden pruning guide

Great advice and full of quick and simple tips too, for example … don’t cut into tender plants or evergreens right now as their top growth provides insulation from penetrating cold.

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