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Who wrote, Where have all the flowers gone?

There are lots of tasks to start in March, here’s one for you … from The Wrigglers

The worms have spent some time thinking of tasks in the garden for March. There’s quite a few to dos. For example, keeping an eye on the forecast and to bring your plugs and plants in from a cold frame – if there’s a risk of frost. Follow our blog to get daily gardening cartoons, tasks and tips.

If using a cold frame you need to take in your plants and flowers if there is a threat of frost. This cartoon is of two worms in an empty cold frame. One work asks, "where have a ll the flowers gone?" The other answers "Pete Seeger and Joe Hickerson?" Tinking it was a question on who wrote the famous song ...

It’s March and the garden is starting to spring into life a bit. It’s still cold … the worms are making it a bit brighter with some cartoons of ‘what to do’. As luck would have it we just made a cold frame, and here’s a link to how we made it

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If you haven’t already, take a look at our Put Pollinators First page, supporting the BBC Gardener’s World campaign to reduce the decline of insects and bees in our gardens. Join the campaign and plant some wild flowers in your garden, as well as using your cold frame to keep the less hardy plants safe.

That’s enough from the worms, here’s some tip-top advise from the experts

Including protecting your plants from slugs advice.

Gardener’s World talk about feeding your soil

RHS talk about what to do this month – spring is in sight …

Garden Organic talk about what to plant this month

Great direction, packed full of links and further reading

Year-round garden pruning guide

Great advice and full of quick and simple tips too, for example … don’t cut into tender plants or evergreens right now as their top growth provides insulation from penetrating cold.

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