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A week of lawn-worthy cartoons

The worms have pledged to support the ‘Put Pollinators First’ campaign to raise awareness of the decline of insects and bees.

Some lawn tips and ideas for a pollinator friendly lawn. Making your lawn more pollinator friendly is just one to support Gardener’s World’s #putpollinatorsfirst campaign. The Wrigglers are doing it by drawing cartoons. With 22million gardens in the UK, we can all do our bit and help our pollinators to thrive.

  • #putpollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: For the most wildlife friendly lawn, mow it every 4 weeks and keep two differing lengths of lawn, like a mohawk … Two worms are looking at a wall of long grass, where there is some insect pollinator activity. One work says to the other worm, “ Is that a mohawk?” The other warm says, “mow idea”
  • #pupollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: This year try to mow our lawn less often. You’ll give its plants and pollinators a chance to thrive. The image is of two worms looking at a thriving garden, plants in the lawn, like dandelions, with insects and pollinators all shouting ‘Wahoo”. Two worms are talking, one says, “A perfect example of when less is more”
  • #putpollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: When mowing your lawn, pick an area and let it grow longer. You’ll give pollinators a perfect breeding habitat.. The image is … two worms, a mum and dad figure, and a younger worm who is peering around his father to look at a the tall grass in a garden. Two worms are talking, one says, “I’ll let your father explain this one”
  • #putpollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: When trading your lawn this year, don’t use weedkillers and pesticides. Try hand weeding … The image is … a worm being lifted from the ground with a dandelion weed, hand weeding. The worm says to another worm on the ground, “I’m hitching a free ride to the compost heap”
  • #putpollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: If you don’t already, compost your lawn clippings to gove the local pollinators a valuable habitat The image is of two worms talking to a pollinating beetle. The Beetle points to a grass clipping compost heap, it says,”I moved into the lawn clippings, it’s halved the time I spend commuting”
  • #putpollinatorsfirst cartoon about mowing your lawn. The cartoon says: When you mow this year, mow in the knowledge that closely clipped lawns provide nesting habitats for mining bees. The cartoon shows two worms looking at a ming bee burrow on the lawn. One worm says, “It might look like a volcano, but it’s actually a ming bee’s burrow.” The other worm says, “I lava it”

Wild flower meadows flower for longer due to the diverse range of plants in them. That’s more flowers for you, and more food for the bees and insects. Plant one and join the Gardener’s World Put Pollinators First campaign – raising awareness of the decline of our pollinators @GWmagazine

The Wrigglers have joined the #putpollinators first Campaign

Click to see our ‘Put Pollinators First’ page

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Gardener’s world launched its #putpollinatorsfirst campaign, as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. See what you can do to play your part:

Join in the Gardener’s World team and pledge here

With a panel of pollinator experts, committed to helping bees and other pollinating insects to thrive, Dr Trevor Dines says, ” Since the 1930’s, over 97 percent of our wildflower meadows have been destroyed. That’s 7.5 million acres, gone. Now you can understand why our pollinators are in such trouble.”

There are 3 ideas:

Sow some pollinator meadow seeds

Create habitats for butterflies, moths and caterpillars

Make a cornfield nectar bar

By making a meadow, even on a small scale, we can provide a banquet for pollinators that’ll help them to thrive.

Here are some seed suppliers and links:


Thomson and Morgan – how to sow wildflower seeds

RHS – How to grow a mini wild flower meadow

More from the worms

Year-round garden pruning guide

Great advice and full of quick and simple tips too, for example … don’t cut into tender plants or evergreens right now as their top growth provides insulation from penetrating cold.

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