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Netting your cabbages and brassicas … now!

Deadheading Dahlias through August will help you get a continuous autumnal flowering display – if you cut back the right buds, and to the leaf joint of course

Now is the time to prevent the cabbage white butterfly laying eggs on your prize cabbages …

The last egg laying of the season occurs in late August to September time depending on weather conditions. The eggs are laid on both the under and upper surface of leaves. The caterpillars emerge after a short time and begin to feed on the leaves of plants, typically members of the cabbage family.

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The wrigglers are amateur gardeners, for advice from the experts on pests like the cabbage white caterpillar, try the following experts and links – they know what they’re talking about!

Like netting your #cabbage family #plants, to protect them against the Cabbage White Butterflies. Those caterpillars simply love your #brassicas ….


Fine nets with a 4-7mm mesh give good protection against cabbage white butterflies as long as the foliage does not touch the net, and of course bird and mammal pests.

Fine mesh: 0.8mm Good for very small pests such as soil pests such as cabbage root fly too. Birds and mammal pests are also excluded.

Here are a couple of links for further reading,

Cabbage caterpillars

Garden focussed article on how to treat Cabaage White Butterfly

An English Garden article on how to outwit the Cabbage White

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