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Plans for the garden planter …

The Wrigglers – making a planter project

Looking at the wood available in our local timber merchant – price-wise, I’m going for external treated timber: 150mm x 22mm – 16m needed.

Let’s call it a herb ladder

Diag. of the planter I am going to make for growing herbs – 4 layers over 1 m, height

Drawing up a slightly more accurate plan, using the wood dimensions … looks about right. I’m leaving 250mm growing height for each plant (from the top of each planter to the top of the next planter) call it 300mm as the soil won’t be to the top of the planter anyway.

With the more accurate plan, I have measured the wood required – getting more from 3 metre lengths of 150x22mm + sides, I need just under 12m + bases at 4m, using 2.4m lengths.

A herb ladder needs some herbs

The Wrigglers #gardening #cartoon is all about what you can do in the garden right now. Herb wise, I’m looking to fill these troughs with the ones I use in the kitchen, makes sense!

So, coriander, basil, thyme, bay, fennel, oregano, (I have a rosemary bush in a bigger pot), mint, and tarragon (french) … I’ve never grown cumin or cardamon but fancy having a go.

I think this will bring on some #cartoons, in the ‘making of’ …

Herbs and how to grow them, advice from:

Gardener’s World – how to grow herbs

Jekka McVicar – a herb expert

The Jekkapedia – everything, on every herb, the worms need to know …

Where I’m putting it

There’s a space directly under our windowsill, currently nothing there, except a tap and hoze reel.









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