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The strawberry runner Sunday omnibus

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Most common strawberry plants will produce “runners” as a means of propagating themselves.

If you grow strawberries you’re probably familiar with the term and, at some point, have probably experienced at least a twinge of curiosity regarding them.

For a ‘deeper’ understanding listen to the experts:

Strawberry plants .org

There’s pretty much everything you want to know about strawberry plants here – and more

What are runners? is a good place to start

RHS: how to grow strawberries

Their opening sentence: Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow. Good!

Strawberry get a bit more into the detail, which is interesting:

Strawberry runners are properly called “stolons.” The word “stolon” comes from the Latin word “stolo” meaning a shoot, branch, or twig springing from the root. Stolons are produced by virtually all June-bearing strawberry plants and most everbearing and day-neutral strawberry varieties. By definition, stolons are horizontal connections between organisms, and they can arise from the organism or its skeleton. Animal stolons are usually formed from exoskeletons, and are outside the scope of a post about strawberry plant runners.

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