Simon Fry super small spy spy

Simon Fry Graphic Novel – The Codfather

Watch the video – Episode 1, page 1 – drawn and now animated to music for you to watch …

Watch page 1 animated to music …

Simon Fry’s first  #graphic novel – The Codfather

Relaxing on a beach somewhere along the coast of Tuscany, Italy – Simon Fry and his spy team are about to have their holidays cut short.

Meet Simon Fry, #supersmallspy one of the British government’s best kept secrets. His unique size makes him a perfect spy because he can get into places where normal-size people wouldn’t be able to go. He works closely with two other agents, Big Ernie and Agent H. He has a number of gadgets to help him with his missions.

Discover more about the Acti-talk Gadget

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I’ll post some more stuff as I develop the first Simon Fry’s first  #graphic novel – The Codfather … capturing the drawing of films too, follow the trials and tribulations of this super small spy subscribe to my youtube channel

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