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Which perennials are you going to divide this weekend?

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Whether planting, potting or replanting your divisions, think about how much space you’re giving them to grow? How big a hole you need to plant them in? Be nice to them, treat them to some new soil, mulch and water. Perhaps then, they’ll be nice to you and grow exponentially.

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Dividing perennials

Get new plants for free, and helps to increase vigour to the original plant. When dividing perennials, timing and technique are important. There are five methods to divide your plants – the easiest to divide are those that naturally form clumps.

Perennial plants are healthiest and most productive when they are young and have room to spread. We can rejuvenate even the oldest residents of a garden by occasionally dividing them.

Reading through several articles and online advice, I have collected some further reading below – from recognising the division method from the root type, through to digging up, drip lines and replanting.

Gardener’s world – how to divide clump forming perennials


10 Tips on Dividing Perennial Plants

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Further info on the different root types and how to master dividing each group …

Introduction to Dividing Perennials


The RHS on dividing perennials

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