cartoon Tasks in the garden the wrigglers worms

If frost damages a plant, wait til spring for it to bounce back.

The Wrigglers, preparing plants and pots for the first #frost cartoon

The worms are preparing themselves for the first frost. Are you?

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How to prevent winter damage

Now’s the time to shelter, stake plants, mulch, and wrap pots to prevent frost damage.

That’s enough from the worms, here’s some tip-top advise from the experts

Here are 10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Pots and Plants

  1. Choose cold-hardy plants
  2. Place plants in frost-resistant spots
  3. Avoid frost pockets
  4. Harden off seedlings
  5. Cover plants before nightfall
  6. Protect plants with cloches
  7. Warm plants with water jugs
  8. Water before a frost
  9. Bring potted plants indoors
  10. Wrap fruit trees

How to prevent winter damage

Great advise from the RHS

10 Easy Ways to Protect Plants From Frost

Novembers still a good time to move and divide your dormant plants

This is useful for every type of perennial you divide:

Introduction to Dividing Perennials


Or would you rather train a lily beetle to sit?

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