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A week of ‘Gardening-To-Do-Cartoons’ in May

The worms have spent some time thinking of tasks in the garden for May this week. There’s quite a few to dos, this is our omnibus sharing the cartoons we drew. Follow our blog to get more daily gardening cartoons, ideas, tasks and tips.

The worms have spent some time thinking of tasks in the garden for May this week. There’s quite a few to dos, here’s a recap for you. Happy gardening this weekend, from the Wrigglers.

Follow our blog to get more daily gardening cartoons, ideas, tasks and tips.

  • The headline says, “Growing chill peppers? For the hottest chillis, grow them under glass and mist regularly to protect them from red spider mites.” The image is of two works under a chilli plant. One of the worms has licked a chilli and its face is red. It says to the other worm, “I now understand why the spider mites are red.”
  • Snip, pot and cover softwood cuttings with a bag. Ensure good air circulation and keep the bag off your cuttings … The image shows two worms in a pot with cuttings, it is covered with a plastic bag … the two worms are supporting the plastic bag to keep it off the cuttings. One worm says, “We’ve got to do this for 8-10 weeks The other work says, “ I’m feeling week and it’s only one day”
  • The headline says, “ For stronger bulbs next year, let their foliage die back naturally before you dig up and store them …The cartoon shows two worms looking at some bulbs that have been dug up. One of the bulbs is rippled in what looks like muscle. One of the worms says, “Is it me or has that bulb got a six pack?”
  • The headline says, “ You can sow perennial seeds, like Achillea, outdoors now.” The cartoon shows two worms looking at some Achillea seeds, propped up against a fork. One work says to the other,” Myth has it, Achilles grew from the blood of the hero Achiiles …” The other work says, “ Can we grow it from fish, blood and bone?”
  • The headline says, “You can plant courgettes and Squash now, to plant them out after the last frost” The cartoon shows a worm with a detective hat and moustache in the soil next to a courgette plant under glass cover. The worm says. “It’s best to plant them under cover.”
  • The headline says, “Now’s the time to net and protect developing fruit from squirrels and hungry birds …” The cartoon shows two worms insoide the netting and a branch with some developing fruit buds on it. One of the worms says to the other worm, “ If it’s good enough for fruit, it’s good enough for us.”

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The wrigglers are amateur gardeners, most of the cartoons we draw come from the work we do in our garden. One thing we’re doing at the moment is growing some wildflowers and looking at ways to support the #putpollinatorsfirst campaign

The Wrigglers have joined the #putpollinators first Campaign

Wild flower meadows flower for longer due to the diverse range of plants in them. That’s more flowers for you, and more food for the bees and insects. Plant one and join the Gardener’s World Put Pollinators First campaign – raising awareness of the decline of our pollinators @GWmagazine

Click to see our ‘Put Pollinators First’ page

Gardener’s world launched its #putpollinatorsfirst campaign, as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine. See what you can do to play your part:

Join in the Gardener’s World team and pledge here

With a panel of pollinator experts, committed to helping bees and other pollinating insects to thrive, Dr Trevor Dines says, ” Since the 1930’s, over 97 percent of our wildflower meadows have been destroyed. That’s 7.5 million acres, gone. Now you can understand why our pollinators are in such trouble.”

There are 3 ideas:

Sow some pollinator meadow seeds

Create habitats for butterflies, moths and caterpillars

Make a cornfield nectar bar

By making a meadow, even on a small scale, we can provide a banquet for pollinators that’ll help them to thrive.

Here are some seed suppliers and links:


Thomson and Morgan – how to sow wildflower seeds

RHS – How to grow a mini wild flower meadow

More from the worms

Year-round garden pruning guide

Great advice and full of quick and simple tips too, for example … don’t cut into tender plants or evergreens right now as their top growth provides insulation from penetrating cold.

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