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Semi-ripe plant cuttings root quickly at this time of year …

The Wrigglers #cartoon for #plant semi-ripe cuttings. Whether using rooting powder, gel or an organic approach, plant hormone levels are high in the autumn months, so should root and grow well!

Why would you take cuttings? You can propagate and grow more plants, for free!

There are some links below that show you exactly what to do to take your semi-ripe cuttings.

Semi-ripe cuttings are made using this year’s stems, when they are woody at the base and soft at the tip. It’s the hard base that makes the cuttings less likely to rot while the roots are taking.

The worms are propagating a hebe in this cartoon. Top plants to propagate from cuttings in autumn include: Salvias, Culinary Sage, Box, Rosemary, Penstemons, Lavender.

Gardener’s World advice on How to use Rooting Hormones

In this link Garden fundamentals offer some insight – Semi-ripe cuttings – What Are They?

Semi-ripe cuttings – from Sue Jeffries, a trained horticulturalist and teacher based in Lancashire

Gardening know how, Using Honey as an alternative to Rooting Hormone powder

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