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#june Wisteria pruning tip

The Wrigglers #cartoon – #june in the #garden – Pruning the Wisteria. The Wrigglers agree with the expert advice to prune to stop vigorous growth and encourage more blooms next spring. We got three bunches of flowers on our wisteria this year – desperately pruning for more now …. #gardenersworld talk about how to prune your wisteria here: Ever wondered […]

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Drawing of cartoon video

Watch this film, it’s 5 mins long. If you like it there’s more on my youtube channel There’s an intro to the #cartoon, and it shows the progress of the cartoon from start to finish – a bit of chat with music from Tokyo_Music_Walker (link at foot of post) Not giving too much away, it’s […]

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Making of The Wrigglers first animation

OK. It’s 10 minutes long … But it shows some of the process to putting this animation together. If you find that sort of thin interesting please watch! You can also see a lot more stuff on my youtube channel This was a one frame strip cartoon from the recent new strips from The Wrigglers. […]

cartoon Tasks in the garden the wrigglers worms

Keeping on top of your weeds in June

Weeding. It’s an important job, and there’s only one person who’ll do it. That’s you. The worms will pass on some tips … There’s a lot of talk about weeds, and they’ve picked up a few links here: Gardener’s World #Gardenersworld Keeping on top of weeds They say it is still an important job […]

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The Wrigglers new cartoon strip

The Gardener’s checklist is a worm’s eye view of what’s happening in the garden. The worms give seasonal tips, taken from the experts, and add their own worm humour along with it … If you write or prodcuue any gardening articles and think a wriggler cartoon could add some fun or topicality to the article […]

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Watch me draw the Wrigglers

This is a 3 minute film drawing a simple strip cartoon … cut to a bit of music from Tokyo_Music_Walker drawing in progress #angling #anglingtimes @angling_times #fishing #sillypics1  I record my drawings on screen using the #wacom tablet and #screenflow – then upload them to my youtube channel Subscribe please! It’s not just The wrigglers […]