The herb planter project

The Wrigglers amateur DIY guide to making a ladder planter – if we made one from scratch, so can you!

Initial concept

Building a herb planter for The Wigglers #cartoon strip. This herb planter is somewhere we can grow and talk about herbs.

I’ve seen a few ladder style designs. As an amateur DIY project, I built one. Visualised here.

The finished planter below, sits under my kitchen window, 1000mm wide and tall – 600mm from the wall.

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We made a video to watch (6 minutes)

Video of building the herb planter – talk through with music

And 16-page how to pdf to download

Materials wise:

I bought sawn / treated timber from Wickes:

  • 4* 150*22mm 3.0m lengths – for sides, end and uprights
    • 8 sides @ 1.0m – 4 end sets @ (150/170mm) 320mm
    • 2 uprights @ 1.2m
  • 2* 150mm*19 2.4m lengths – for base
    • 4 bases @ 1.0m
  • 18 19*32mm 2.4m length – for baton shelves
  • plastic liner (pond liner)
  • Clout nails
  • I had some galvanised decking screws in my screwbox


  • Tape measure
  • set square
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill / screwdriver
  • Black and Decker bench

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