allotment Tasks in the garden

Before you pick your flowers, pick your weeds.

There are lots of tasks to start in March, here’s one for you … from The Wrigglers

Animation cartoon Tasks in the garden the wrigglers video worms

Drawing the latest gardening tip #cartoon

Watch this 1 min. sped up drawing of the#garden tasks for June #cartoon about ‘Keeping on top of the weeds in your garden’ It took about an hour to draw, hope you find it helpful in your daily battle against the weeds!! That’s my memory of #allotment #gardening anyway The worms are not the only […]

cartoon Tasks in the garden the wrigglers worms

Keeping on top of your weeds in June

Weeding. It’s an important job, and there’s only one person who’ll do it. That’s you. The worms will pass on some tips … There’s a lot of talk about weeds, and they’ve picked up a few links here: Gardener’s World #Gardenersworld Keeping on top of weeds They say it is still an important job […]