Have you joined the Put pollinators First Campaign?

The Wrigglers Pledge to support the BBC Gardener’s World Put Pollinators First Campaign

Gardener’s world launched its Put Pollinators First campaign, as part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

The worms are pledging to draw some cartoons to #putpollinatorsfirst

Every month through spring and summer they’ll be encouraging us to look after our declining pollinators, offering practical advice on doing our bit.

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Cartoon about pu pollinators first. A bee is hovering above a dandelion. The copy on the cartoon reads: If you paid to pollinate all the plants we grow in the UK' it would cost about   2 billion. Pollinators do this for free.  One worm says to another: "who says it doesn't pay to be a pollinator?" The other worm says, "it doesn't, they do it for free"

The Wrigglers are Amateur Gardeners. We are supporting and raising awareness of the #putpollinatorsfirst campaign by drawing some cartoons – as the campaign evolves.

Simply put, pollinators are on the decline in the UK. We can help, in so many ways.

One way is to plant more pollinator friendly plants, wild flowers are a good start. Not topping your dandelions the second they grow, or cutting your lawn – these are some of the first flowers pollinators get to feast on. And, not using pesticides and insecticides in your garden.

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Dr Trevor Dines says, ” Since the 1930’s, over 97 percent of our wildflower meadows have been destroyed. That’s 7.5 million acres, gone. Now you can understand why our pollinators are in such trouble.”

By making a meadow, even on a small scale, we can provide a banquet for pollinators that’ll help them to thrive.

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