Simon Fry, super small spy

Agent H, Big Ernie and Violet too …

Meet one of the British government’s best kept secrets… in the new children’s novel Diamond’s Aren’t Forever

Written by Kersti Worsley, who currently works for a world-renowned publishing company, developing engaging books and resources for 4–11 year olds.

Simon Fry is only 5 ½ centimetres tall, which makes him the world’s smallest secret agent. But don’t let his size fool you. Fry is a highly-trained member of the super-small security service: MI5.5.

In his most dangerous mission yet, Simon Fry is sent to France to investigate the theft of a precious diamond, the Blue Rhone, where he faces getting crushed by a lobster, devoured by Dobermans, and frazzled by a firework.

Find out if Fry can track down the diamond and complete his mission.


Watch Episode 1, in this video

Get some popcorn, turn up the sound and watch this video. Five pages introduce the story and characters. Aimed at 6-11 year old reders, but fun for mums and dads, too.

Watch the drawing of page 6. Episode 2, in this video

Starting the Second episode in the series, with page 6 – here I talk a little about the drawing. You can watch, not in realtime, me drawing …. Aimed at 6-11 year old reders, but fun for mums and dads, too.

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