The Wrigglers

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The Wrigglers is a gardening #cartoon strip giving you a worm’s eye view of what’s going down in your soil, compost and garden.

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Blogging and writing #cartoons every day – never miss a #cartoon, follow them on the SillyBlog

The Sillyblog

Wriggler cartoons are posted every day to the silly blog, here’s the link

From window sills to country estates, worms are in your soil. They can pop up in any #garden, #pot or #compost bin. They give a healthy mix of sound gardening advice, and laughs – all based on what’s happening in your garden or down the allotments right now.

The wrigglers have their ear to the ground. Nothing gets past these worms, whether it’s seasonal shenanigans, or real gardening tips and advice, they have fun telling you about it.

Follow these mischievous critters on the SillyBlog

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Looking for publication

The wrigglers would love to regularly feature in any articles, both online and in magazines about gardens and gardening – if you are interested in publishing them please get in touch, it would lovely to hear your thoughts.

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