Visualising with ‘scribes’

Scribes are good at visualising ideas, sharing information and communicating your message. Whether it’s a presentation, a social media info-graphic, animated story or workshop you’re running, I can help you to deliver it in a fast and engaging way. Scribes can be produced quickly, making them the perfect medium to deliver on time, on budget and on brief.

It’s fair to say it set the bar really high and was the highlight of the afternoon

Feedback from a 12 minute corporate scribe presentation
  • pictire hand drawn to show a logo of Hand drawn Scribes with a hand, oneof the fingers is a pencil

Hand drawn scribes

My scribes are hand drawn and recorded on a tablet. Varying in length, from one to thirty minutes, my scribes are mostly cut to pre-recorded narratives. The narrative dictating the pace of the scribe.

Hand drawn scribes are a fast and effective way to communicate your project and message. They have multi-channel marketing opportunities too, as you will see below.

Simple line art and use of colour, scribes can be as personal or on brand as you need. Some of the most fun I have had is making staff charactures – something everyone involved enjoyed, too!

Visually speaking, let’s talk scribes

It’s your project, your idea and your message. Whether you’re giving a presentation, creating content for a marketing campaign or fundraising, I can help you to say what you want to say visually.

When making a scribe I look at the individual key messages, and how they fit into the bigger picture. While the video animates, it takes the viewer through the story … but the end goal is to have a comprehensive final image that not only acts as a conclusion, but is reusable through all of your communicating channels:

  • Video
  • Print
  • Social channels

Video scribes and reformatting

Your scribe can be cut down into multiple key messages and used across all of your channel marketing.

Your scribe can be easily reformatted to fit the differing size requirements too. If recorded for HD 16:9 format, I can reformat for a vertical video 9:16. See the slide image opposite, as an example.

Not only can this be for video, but it can be for print, also. Vertical and landscape switching is made possible by the way the scribe is recorded and managed.

Scribe videos – here’s one I made earlier …

Please watch this short showreel. It shows some of the work, cut to me talking about it. A kind of scribe of a scribe. The majority of the work I have scribed is private and can’t be shared.

You can watch the follwoing clips on my YouTube channel:

How to make Sourdough

Planting a hanging basket

showing the frame parts of a cold frame being put together
A diagram Showing the frame parts of a cold frame being put together

Illustrating a project, editing it together with stills and film

Hand drawn scribes are a great way to complement live film and images too. Mix it up. Here’s a project I used scribes in along with photos to help show How to make a Cold Frame. Download the pdf guide below to get a better idea of how the project ended up!

download a pdf of this guide

For an expert’s eye on pruning:

RHS Pruning groups

Understand the groups and you understand when, how and which plants to prune.

These groups are designed to offer gardeners a general guide on how to prune a tree, shrub or climber.


Pruning is one of those grey areas for me. The info here is not only fun to read, but will save some of my plants from an overly keen secateur-wielding gardener, like me.

Simon Haynes

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Can worms prune? Yes they can!